Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Oh! Do you know how cute you are?

White tiger cubs
How cute they are. Can you people define which one is Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen? Haha...

Hey! What in the world are you doin down there?

I want to be a film director. ACTION!!

"OOhhhh... I'm a shining star. Take my picture. Take my picture. I'm posing for you now. More...more...more. I know I'm the cutest of all. Do you want my autograph? Babai!!! Oooppsss....!! my mom calls me. Time to go home...Babai!! See ya...

How I wish I can have one of these cubbies.
How I wish I could raise them.
How I wish I can hug them tight like no one else would tear us apart.
How I wish when you are big enough I can take you to jogging and nobody would dare to disturb us.
How I wish it is for real. And I realize I was just daydreaming......Dushumm!! Wake up Dzaza....


f.a.t.g.i.r.l.s.l.i.m said...

Hello..the tiger soo damn cute! Btw how are u zawal? Hope everything fine aite.u take care

nurul hayati

NONIE AZIZ said...

salam...kalau tak silap i u ni x-student SM Mahsuri kan?