Monday, 6 October 2008

Perjalanan balik yang tak best


I am back from hometown. But actually it's good to be ran away from hustle and bustle in KL. Yeah!!...sometimes. Me supposed should reach here yesterday. But eventually stupidest thing ever happened in my life. I missed my flight. True!

Who should be blame for this? Hey! It wasn't me. We went out early 2 hours from departure time. It took about 45 minutes from our house to the airport. The cars which is involved in the accident should be blame. The owner, the drivers and the car should be blame. You guys memang fuck up lah wei....!

8 cars involved in the bumper to bumper accident in the middle of the Penang bridge, and we were trap in the middle. Can't turn back anymore. The jammed is not all. We were stuck about 1h and 40m. Bloody hell!!

Whilst we passing through the accident, the road was fucking clear. My brotha in law drove like mad, he press the paddle like hell. We arrived on time at the airport. Ya baby! On time for the aeroplane to depart. Shit!

Balik rumah kena beletiaq dengan Pak Ali, " Tu la...awai-awai kalut nak pi shopping bagai". "Dah tau dah nak balik dengan flight, kluaq umah lambat lagi.....bla...bla...kena tinggai....bla..bla..bla...jalan jam....bla...bla..bla...rugi" dan semua lah yang sama waktu dengannya.

But that's ok. As long as am still and sound......hehehehe. So the conclusion, by using the veto power of my sister, my brotha in law drove us here, back in KL. Haha.....

Ohh! hows your Hari Raya? Me? Well, it was good as usual, kemas rumah, letak kuih, potong ketupat, pakai baju baru, salam, nangis, bagi duit raya, gi jejalan, makan, tidor. Ahhh! The last one is heaven.

As for me now, still in holiday mood..... Welcome stardom of boredom!

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