Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Oh! Not Again..

My Evil Neighbourhood,

CAUTION: Anybody who have seen this big scum male cat with light orange color and a short tail; PLEASE! I repeat please kick it ass until you had enough or smack him down till his tummy fall into pieces.

I am not a cat saviour anymore. I’m extremely mad, ya! Aku marah, aku emo. This morning kucing aku kena belasah lagi, in the house Ok! That’s made me really really gone mad. My sleep has been disturbed. It’s early in the morning 5.13am…oh my goodness.

Early, I took Beckham sleep with me in my room, its normal do for him sleep with me. Quarter pass two this morning he wake me to get out, might be hungry or thirsty. I let him go and open the back door so Beckham can easily go to the toilet… (I mean cat’s toilet).

So I went back to sleep until 5.13am I got a bombshell, my cat is yelling and screaming like out of hell. His been attack by this big junk cat out of nowhere. Fuck! See… I tell you I’m in emo. Shit is everywhere in the kitchen and the urine...Hah!! jangan cakap la. Bersepah seh!..

Thank god I shut the middle door. If not I could imagine how it will be. I have to clean the kitchen early in the A.M Ok! I mob twice the floor, but it still left the smell, I guess this evening I have to polish the kitchen again. Double work!!

Though, I take a look at my cat and God still loves him, nothing serious wound or bruise found. I lost my RM50 last week for Beckham’s medical fee. He fell sick a week ago so I decided to call my personal vet to medicate him, and his back on track. *Smile*. Not another 50 ringgit….Please!! I love him so much. If I have my own child (God willing) I would love them like I care my Beckham. That’s for sure…. No doubt.


P/s: (Beckham, not that I’m big fan of this “Setan Merah” club or huge fan of this original man, the name was given by friend of mine who spot Beckham was playing with the ball while he was kitten)

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Nah...!! hamik kau...

Dearest neighborhoods....

expression of the face

Something unexpectedly happened today. I woke up late this morning. I mean “Really Late”. God..! Why I didn’t turn on the alarm last night. Careless me…heh!

Everything happened so quickly, shit! I hate this. Luckily I’ve iron my cloth last night...if not I couldn’t imagine. I have to make it before 8.15am, if not my report (punch actually) card will be a big R.E.D

  • 7.02am - woke up…and my eyes wide open…FUCK! It’s late.
  • 7.15am - out of the house
  • 7.32am - get in the train
  • 7.42am - arrive at KLCC..oh hell no! I can make it or not.. time is running, the clock is ticking…
  • 7.47am - Masjid Jamek
  • 7.49am - arrive at Pasar Seni….walk fast like mad. .oh my god, I’m late.
  • 7.59am - Punch card….. yess!! I made it before 8.15am

And now 9.39am is raining heavily!!....

Please, don’t happen again next time… God willing… Check your alarm before you go to bed... It’s a must!!


Sunday, 17 August 2008

Shidi's Wedding Day ~ What were they thinkin?!

The wedding took place on:

Date: 16th August, 2008 (Saturday)
Venue: Setiawangsa

Ned & me

The bride & bridegroom with the fellow

I really don't know who they are...u know?
please call me..

Pilly & me

OMG..!! me fucking F.A.T

U know who they are? Please ring me again..