Tuesday, 22 July 2008


My Neighbourhood,

*Pain in the Arse*

P/s: 1st day sudah bersuara jahat

Sunday, 13 July 2008

I'm A Cat Woman....!!!??

Last Saturday saw a cat with her kitten. Oh! My!. What a cute little kitten, wildness around my porch. I love cats, and suddenly feel so pity on her…(the kitten).

What can I say? I am the Cats Savior!!! MY heart is easily touched when I see this little creature, creation of God, been left on the street, in the drain, market, restaurant or wherever. I just can’t stand it….and helloooo!! Human!! Where your heart at? They are not your toys! Don’t keep them if you feel you can’t even raise them. I just hate that!!

Back to the story fellow….When I try get closer to her (wait a minute!...How do I know that the kitten is female? I don’t even see her pussy…hahahaha…..sometimes we can differentiate the kittens by their cute face and color…well, it is my personal theory, anyway!..) She runaway…..heh! Wild cats.

I didn’t give up. I just want to give her some food. She must be hungry. So, I bait her threw some biscuits to her about 5 – 6 footage. Yeah!! She ate….one by one. When she get busy eating the biscuits, quickly grab her from the back. OMG! She get shocked…and she bite me fiercely…. No mercy!! Bite her! Bite her! Kill her! Kill her! Save my life…..ouchh!! Its painful, so I get my hands of her. She ran faster, away from me. Damn it!

I’ve been bit…..both my hands are bleeding. It is hurt and fucking painful and numb. Poor kitten and fucking hell!! I’m injured. 911! Rakan Cops! help!..I rub my hands with some what us call
“Minyak Gamat”

And tonight I feel strange….I feel weird. I can scratch, my nails become longer and sharper…I’m a cat woman now. Watch out neighborhoods..!! I’m comin to get cha…!! I’m comin to bite cha…!! Where is my tight black suit..I feel like soo *Halle Berry* right now..mamamia...

Excuse me...Does anybody know Benjamin Bratt phone no.?


Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Oouch..!! Hit by a tren

My Neighbourhood,
I’ve been call to one “Mat Saleh” just because I did not queue up to get into the “Empty” tren this morning. Hello…don’t you notice it is the “Empty” tren. Everybody become selfish when it comes to it.

The Mat Saleh, sat next to me and the words… “Why don’t you girls line up like everybody else”, “You have to respect other peoples that have been queuing since early morning”.

And there is one fat old lady try to be the best conspirator against me.

Did I make anyone missed the train? No. It just the matter of getting into tren and some empty sits. I do not cut peoples lined if the tren is full, and I still give my sit to pregnant ladies, parents with kids, disabled peoples and the old ones. I think that’s courtesy enough.

And you “Mat Saleh”, if you are a courteous person, you should give your seat to this old fat crap lady…don’t ya?

And you old fat crap lady, if you want the seat just say so. Don’t try to pretend that you are a noble person standing for about 30 minutes to get into tren, with your knee crooked up and your legs are broken. Well..lady! Just cut the crap… Do I look like I care?

I didn’t manage to smash him back cause I was searching for my HP. But I get a chance to shut the fucking mouth of “Mat Saleh” up with…“Oh…! Ok! It just not me”.

I will do it again tomorrow. It’s time to revenge!!. I don’t give a damn, I don’t give a fuck and I don’t give a shit.