Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Nah...!! hamik kau...

Dearest neighborhoods....

expression of the face

Something unexpectedly happened today. I woke up late this morning. I mean “Really Late”. God..! Why I didn’t turn on the alarm last night. Careless me…heh!

Everything happened so quickly, shit! I hate this. Luckily I’ve iron my cloth last night...if not I couldn’t imagine. I have to make it before 8.15am, if not my report (punch actually) card will be a big R.E.D

  • 7.02am - woke up…and my eyes wide open…FUCK! It’s late.
  • 7.15am - out of the house
  • 7.32am - get in the train
  • 7.42am - arrive at KLCC..oh hell no! I can make it or not.. time is running, the clock is ticking…
  • 7.47am - Masjid Jamek
  • 7.49am - arrive at Pasar Seni….walk fast like mad. .oh my god, I’m late.
  • 7.59am - Punch card….. yess!! I made it before 8.15am

And now 9.39am is raining heavily!!....

Please, don’t happen again next time… God willing… Check your alarm before you go to bed... It’s a must!!


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