Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Malaysia Hari Ini

My neighbourhoods,
Apa sudah jadi dengan Malaysia today? Samun, rompak, rogol, bunuh, potong badan into pieces macam dah biasa, it just like it is unusual if these crime things doesn't happen in a day. Whoh!!...Macam dah kat New York.
I heard from the news last night about a woman has been stabbed to death after being as a hostage to two armed robbers in her house, somewhere in Shah Alam or Klang if I'm not mistaken. But the robbers were killed in a shootout by a police squad.

Police identified the dead robbers as Abd Sugiono Prio and Mojib Ridwan as Indonesian. Hah! Dtg negara org ngak ada kerja lain kah?. Siji, loro betul lah korang nih. Malaysia sekarang sudah tidak selamat lagi, crime is everywhere...

Not just from the illegal immigrant but malaysian too, like Geng Mamak, Kalimuthu, Geng Seluar Dalam to name few of it...Geng Suar Dalam...adohh!!herlow!! x der nama lain ke dah nak letak. X ganas langsung! They must felt like......

oooooo am too sexy for my body, need to do the robbery now...heh! hotak lu!!

So, people please be extra cautious in whatever you do and wherever you are! Cause we never know what will happen to us even in a minutes. I guess...we are living in New York now....Huhu!! New Yorkers....Girls from the Bronx!! Watch out J.LO!!


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