Monday, 25 May 2009

Kalau kau mainkan perasan aku..aku sungkit ko satu Afrika

Dah lama dah aku dapat email ini dan aku rasa pasti ada ramai orang lain yang dapat jugak. Memang banyak spam macam ni nak mengenakan orang dan memainkan perasaan orang untuk cuba menjadi kaya dengan hanya di hujung jari (apa aku cakap ni..kenapa bunyi dah nak seakan-akan karam singh walia je)

132, Bruce Street, Sibokeng
Johannesburg, South Africa

Good day, (Go to hell)

My name is MR. DAVID MTUKUMIRA, (Apa! moto kau nama mira) the son to the late MR. TUNGI (laaa..pak dia nama tungging la pulak) MTUKUMIRA. of Zimbabwe. This might come as a surprise to you about where and how I got your contact address. It was a result of a trusted confident from the South Africa Chamber of commerce and industries in Johannesburg South Africa. (Yeah!! right!)

During the current war against the white farmers in Zimbabwe, from the supporters of our president Mr. Robert Mugabe, to claim all the white owned farms to his party members and followers. He ordered all white farmers to surrender all farm to his party members and followers. My father was one of the very best farmers in our country and was in partnership with a white Man. Mr. Lawrence Smith from England. He did not support Mr. Mugabe’s ideas so his farm was burnt and invaded by Mugabe’s supporters. Everything was burnt and my father and his partner were killed (tak baik tau pakai bapak mati-mati ni) during the invasion and they made away with lots of items. Before his death my father has deposited with one Security Company in Johannesburg, South Africa. The sum of US$38 Millions dollars (Thirty Eight Million United States Dollars) (mata atak *wink wink* di situ..dasar mata tanda ringgit) this money was meant for the purchase of farm Land and some farming equipments/materials such as Crawler/Caterpillar Tractors, Fertilizer Spreader, Harvesters, Threshing Machines, Bulldozer and Tractors from a Comp

After his death we decided to escape to South Africa (ada aku kesah) where he has deposited this sum with the security Company as valuables (in a treasure box). I decided to contact the foreigner, from outside the shores of South Africa or Companies that will assist my family to move the fund (kalau betul la kan..heh..heh..heh gelak syaitonn) from here because of our present status as asylum seekers and also because South Africa and Zimbabwe have a bilateral agreement which can lead to the seizure of the fund, if we invest here in South Africa. Secondly our status has made it impossible to invest the fund or deal directly with the South Africa financial institutions. In the cause of moving the fund to any place my family has agreed to offer you 30% (woww!! Tijah! kira jap, math aku agak fail la) of the fund for your assistant, while 70% will be for me and my family (akan ku kebas semua, biar aku sekejam Robert Downey Jr eh silap Robert Mugabe) to investment in your Company/ country. You can read about my country’s problems on this site (tak de maknanya aku nak baco, banyak lai kojo eh nak buek. kan Tijah!)

I want you to furnish me with your contact details for easy communication (fax and telephone numbers) or contact me through the above telephone number. Please note that this transaction is 100% risk free and absolute confidentiality is required for the safety of my family and the fund. And do call his attention for notice as we wait to hear from you. (habisla duit ko....akakakakaka)

Thanks and God Bless

Best regards

(For the family) (kalo duit tu dapat kat aku for myself and frens la. Peeja, Tijah jom joli katak!!)

hai David putumayung kalau lah email ini benar-benar wujud........haiiii....berangan sekejap....

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Tijah said...

jom. aku dah lama giler tak joli katak ni.

aaaa...sponsor aku tiang satu nyah? tak saba nak poldansing nih